• Dr. Surya Darma Chairman of METI-IRES

    Known as the Emerald on the Equator, Indonesia is blessed with abundant energy resources. Our country has enormous potentials in renewable energy development to sustain National Energy Resilience. Accordingly, Indonesia has been encouraged to focus on renewable energy sources and reinforce the usage of clean energy. Renewable energy has been greatly developed in recent years, thus lowering the overall generation cost, increasing popularity, and improving efficiency. Advances in renewable energy technology provides better opportunities for Indonesia to develop its abundant resources. It requires an integrated strategy to promote the use of renewable energy and empower local resources which are plentiful on a large scale.
    As part of our continuous effort to work out and disseminate policies and programs initiated by the Directorate General of EBTKE - Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, in partnership with the Indonesian Renewable Energy Society  (METI) and involving all stakeholders in the field of renewable and clean energy, we proudly present the 7th IndoEBTKE ConEx 2018 on 29 - 31 August 2018 at Balai Kartini, Jakarta. The 7th IndoEBTKE ConEx 2018 incorporates conference, exhibition, poster and paper presentation, as well as training programs in one place. With this year’s theme, “Investment Breakthrough to Achieve Renewable Energy Target”, the event is regarded as one of the biggest events to exchange information and knowledge on strategic policy and to find a solution to the energy problems, as well as to display technologies, programs and services amongst stakeholders from public and private companies as well as academicians.
    This occasion also aims to show how Indonesians have soundly prepared to support the development of energy conservation, renewable and clean energy as well as a platform for building professional relationships with experts within the industry worldwide. We look forward to welcoming your attendance and participation at the 7th IndoEBTKE ConEx 2018. We hope that your presence at the conference and exhibition will contribute to developing knowledge and business opportunities in the field of Renewable and Clean Energy.

Indo EBTKE ConEx is Indonesia’s official and dedicated event for the New, Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation sectors. Hosted by the Indonesian Renewable Energy Society – IRES, Indo EBTKE ConEx is officially supported by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources of Republic Indonesia, particularly by the Directorate General of New, Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation. Comprising of both Conference and Exhibition, the event will be coming into its 8 th edition, set to open for trade on 6 to 8 November 2019 at the Jakarta International Expo, taking the main theme of Energy Transition Toward Renewable Energy Era. The theme is in line with the government goal to achieve the 23% energy mix by 2025 and encourages the nation to gravitate toward utilizing new and renewable energy options as well as investing in efforts for energy conservation. The Conference will cover important topics in the industry, featuring high profile speakers with plenary session highlighting speakers from ministerial level. Poster presentation, training sessions and parallel sessions are enriching the experience of delegates offering valuable knowledge and exchange of perspectives. The Exhibition floor is showing latest innovations and technology by leading names in the renewable energy and energy conservation sectors. New this year is a special highlight on Electric Vehicle, mode for the future.


  • The only dedicated event for New, Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation in Indonesia
  • Official annual agenda of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources and the Indonesia Renewable Energy Society - IRES
  • Direct access to the industry, market information and regulatory bodies
  • Platform for knowledge and experience sharing
  • Networking opportunity and presentation stage for innovations and technology


  • Energy Developers, Resources, Contractors & Survey Companies
  • Equipment Manufacturers & Suppliers
  • Financial & Investment Companies
  • Supporting Consulting Companies
  • Policy makers, regulatory bodies and related government agencies
  • Civil Society Organizations